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Weight, Ageing, Testosterone

So I’m obese, according to my BMI. BMI is a ridiculously stupid way to measure your weight, health or body composition. It doesn’t take into account muscle mass versus fat.
Nonetheless, I do want to get more lean, back to a six pack instead of just barely making out some sort of abs.
I started with TestMax Nutrition last week, and so far it’s been terrific. The quality and quantity of information given is amazing. The recipes have been terrific. I’m pretty sure this will be easier to stick with than, say, Avatar Nutrition – where you have to keep track of macros. I KNOW counting macros works, but it’s a lot of effort and requires you to constantly be adding information to your phone app.
I got my T levels tested, and while I’m within the proper range, it’s not as high as I want it to be. This nutrition plan, TestMax, is advertised as being able to raise test levels. I’ll get tested again in May and I’ll post the results.
In the meantime, I feel fantastic. Age hasn’t quite caught up to me …