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My son posted the following on Facebook. It's spot on:
If I get promoted in November, I'll need to consider voting for Romney. I mean, screw the "freeloaders" right? I got here all by my damn self with no help from anyone.
Well, except for public school, public library, state grants for college, state-assisted college, federal subsidized loans, NIH for funding my undergraduate and graduate research, tax breaks for education, public transportation to take me to work, cops to keep me safe, military to employ me as a government employee and teach me things, military to keep me safe, FDIC to protect my investments, roads to ride my bike on, New York State for helping me get health insurance which paid out nearly 30,000 dollars when I was hit by a truck, public parks where I got to run cross country and hang out as a teenager, VA benefits to help out my grandpa in his last days so I could enjoy being around him, social security for the people I love, clean rivers and mount…