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Project Management

So I'm working on this huge project. Not huge in terms of lines of code, or in terms of number of people involved. Huge in terms of: It will be used by tens or hundreds of millions of people every year. Yeah ... pretty cool.
The project isn't being managed as well as it could be, in my opinion. Let me emphasize that: In my opinion.
So, I suggested -- to the owner of the company that is creating the software product -- that we use Basecamp. It's a web-based "Software As A Service" application.
Disclaimer: Basecamp is a product of 37 Signals. The founder of 37 Signals, Jason Fried, is a personal friend.
Basecamp is, arguably, the single most important piece of project management software ever created.
"Wow, Don ... that's quite a statement!"
Yeah, well, you use Basecamp and you'll become an evangelist as I am.
Basecamp allows all the important parts of a project -- artifacts, messages, schedules, etc. -- to be stored in one place. Any "stakeholder&q…

My Life Purpose Statement

My Life Purpose is to help others realize their full potential as a result of my own personal growth. Everything that I do to help myself now carries with it the responsibility to use it to help others.