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On Monday, I held my nose and changed my political party registration from Republican to Democrat. Never thought I'd do that.

(An aside: My personal politics are very libertarian, and Ron Paul is My Man this time around.)

Why did I do this?

As a rule, I vote my conscience. But I am SO determined to make sure Hillary DOES NOT get the nomination that I switched to the Democrat party so I could vote for Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary.

In fact, this was all my wife's idea -- she did the same thing.

Come November ... dunno ... I might sit this one out. McCain vs. Obama excites me about as much as 'paper or plastic'.

All The Best,

-- Don


I've misplaced my thumb drive!

Lovin' The Nespresso

I got a Nespresso machine and it's the Best Thing Evah!


Pandora is a wonderful thing.

During the past few minutes, I've enjoyed:

"Making Flippy Floppy" by Talking Heads
"I Ran" by A Flock Of Seagulls
"Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran
"Shock The Monkey" by Peter Gabriel
"Hello Again" by The Cars
"Burning Down The House" by Talking Heads

Wow ... grrrrr-eat stuff!

All The Best,

-- Don