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March 2009

I have many goals.

This is one of them ... by March, 2009.

All The Best,

-- Don

Hmmmm ...

Let's see ... two months from now ... hmmmm ...



My "Problem" with Technology

I've been working in the Technology field for about 28 years now. My "problem" is this: I'm still fascinated ... impressed ... awed, by technology. Even the slightest "ho-hum" thing just pushes my button. For example, today I was working with a client. They had to establish an account for me and grant me certain rights to their FTP server. We tried and it didn't work. I then PING-ed the server, we found the problem (turns out the DNS server was pointing to an internal FTP server; I simply use the fixed IP address instead) and BINGO I'm in! That just is so cool to me! Push some buttons and wham-o I'm cruising their server. Heck, I still haven't gotten over the telephone. I mean ... think about it; you push some buttons and suddenly you're talking to someone anywhere on the planet! DUDE ... THINK ABOUT THAT for a minute. Tech is cool. All The Best, -- Don

Dear Al Gore ...

Please, PLEASE, run.