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Politics, Business and Ego

The talking heads on the TV were just now commenting that Michael
Bloomberg is a shrewd businessman and wouldn't enter the presidential
race unless he felt he could win.Ha! Never underestimate the ego of a successful person.--
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Technology Is Incredible

Back in 1979, I cut my teeth in software development (it was called "computer programming" then, and it was part of the work of the "Data Processing Department") on an IBM System/34 minicomputer. This 900-pound monster stood four feet high, 30 inches wide and about five feet deep. It had a massive 27MB hard drive and cavernous 64K of RAM. Wow. $50,000. I did a lot of Accounts Receivable programming. With no support for a Date data type, doing date math was ... fun. Yeah ... fun. Now, in my pocket, I have a Pocket PC phone ... camera ... web browser ... email client ... all that in one compact unit. About the size of a deck of cards. $400. Amazing.

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Can I just say that I really, really like bourbon? I don't drink it every day. Probably averages about twice a week over time. But DAYUM is it good! Maker's Mark and Buffalo Trace are my favorites. And my wonderful daughter gave me a bottle of the red wheat stuff for Father's Day. All The Best, -- Don

What I Like About Ron Paul

From a Washington Post article:"I'm for the individual," Paul said. "I'm not for the government."

New Place

Chris and Erika got their first house.

Best. Ever.

Was there ever a better singer than Dean Martin?

I trow not.

An Anchor Made Of Bacon

The one distinctive smell that I remember from Basic Training (way back in 1978) was that of bacon cooking in the morning as we did our PT. Now, whenever I smell bacon, it snaps me right back to Lackland AFB ... the warm, humid mornings ... the TI screaming (our TI was a 6-foot-5 ex-Marine named "Sargeant Smoak"; we were known as "Smoak's Jokes") ... the fear of the unknown. I hear Billy Joel's CD "The Stranger" and I'm 17 years old, driving my Pinto late at night on a weekend, after work, to visit my girlfriend (she's now my wife of over 28 years!). Why? Because I distinctly remember Starview 92 playing the entire album when it was released. They had a late night radio show where they'd play an entire album. Before they started, the DJ would instruct you to "start your tape recorder ... NOW!". I can remember rolling through the intersection of Route 30 and Roosevelt Avenue when Billy Joel's newest album started to play. R…