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Essai de traduction

Ceci a été à l'origine écrit en anglais et traduit en Français employant la page de traduction de Google.

Tuesday Morning Music


Scheduled for Saturday, April 7, 2007

It won't be long!!!

Great Video on the heels of Valentine's Day

This is wonderful. Enjoy ...

Oldie But Goodie

I posted this picture before, but it's been a while and it's one of my favorites.

I took it in my kitchen one evening while cooking. It's a sad picture, that being an empty bottle and all.

But the lighting and colors are, in my opinion, very warm and comforting.


Oh By The Way ...

This is pretty much how I spent my Christmas. This is the view from Mike and Jane's back yard.

Sun City Center, Florida.

Did I mention that my son and I went swimming on Christmas Eve?

Oh yeah ... and I birdied that par three.


John McCutcheon said it best:

"Courage has no meaning without fear."

You can't show courage unless fear is first felt. You can't succeed unless there is a struggle; anything less than a struggle and it's not "success", but merely movement.

Downhill, at that.

It's when we face our fears ... our demons ... our problems ... that we can overcome. Surrender, defeat, retreat -- those are only temporary delays. If we wish a result in our favor, we must push forward.

Keep your chin up, look for the path to success, and don't forget that sometimes brute force is, in fact, the best way.

All The Best,

-- Don

RV or Hotels?

Recently, my wife and I were discussing what we will do when we win the Powerball. I said I'd fly around in a private jet, or else drive around in my new Lincoln MKX, and stay at the nicest hotels. She said she'd rather purchase a large, extremely nice RV and travel. My argument was that I prefer the room and luxury of a hotel, including having someone else make the bed and do the laundry. Her argument was that an RV can take you more places and you *know* who's been sleeping in the bed. What do you think? All The Best, -- Don

Joe Biden

Shortest Presidential campaign EVER! Began and (effectively) ended the same day. He's a proven racist. Get him outta here. All The Best, -- Don