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2007: Goals and Directions

I don't make resolutions; I set goals and "themes" for the year. The goals and theme together help me move forward in my life. I'll post some as the end of 2006 draws nigh.


I just finished reading Wild at Heart.

Basically, the author, John Eldredge, explains how Christian men have been told be "be nice" and instructs and encourages the reader to overcome these teachings.

Excellent! As a man who is tired of the Feminization of the American Male, and who thinks becoming a Christian shouldn't mean surrendering your masculinity, this tome spoke to my heart.

Loud and clear is the message; You are a man; act like one! Courage ... boldness ... risk-taking ... it's all there, buried in your heart, waiting to unearthed and harnessed for good.

I very much recommend this book.

All The Best,

-- Don

Bah Humbug

Hatin' the Holidays. Come on January.

November 10, 1775

November 10th: Happy Birthday, Marine.

Cold, Hot

Alaska wins Best Looking Governor Award!
(Palin won on Tuesday)


What do you want for Christmas? Let me know and I'll see what I can do. Me? I'm working on my list. It's up to about 317 items, but I'm not finished yet. All The Best, -- Don

Song Words

Jackson Browne said it: "I'm gonna be a happy idiot and struggle for the legal tender..."

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

I visited the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on Saturday to get my kilt. The pictures can be seen here.

I wanted a kilt for the past 18 months and finally went and did it. It's been a hit already; the guys at my local cigar lounge had a lot of fun at my expense.

I regret not getting it sooner. My mom would have loved to see me in my kilt. She would have gotten a real kick out of it.

Funny ... but not long after I got it at the Faire (and, of course, put it on to wear), I happened upon a group of Red Hatters. They loved the kilt, and I took that as a sign of approval from my mom.

Do those things you want to do before it's too late! Don't wait ... life is much too short.

All The Best,

-- Don


I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on Saturday and finally got my kilt! An Amerikilt.

That's me on the left with Michael Butler, the owner of Amerikilt.

All The Best,

-- Don

Scrybe Buzz Is Taking The Internet By Storm!

Scrybe is the most incredible software I've ever seen.

Automobile Issue: Solved

I went the "practical" route and got a reliable "drive-to-work-and-back" car.

I got this. In dark blue. Tan leather interior.

Nice thing is that my monthly payments are less than five hours income. Sweet.

All The Best,

-- Don

Bush and the Conservative Christians

A new book is coming out soon, "Tempting Faith". It explores (and exposes) how the Bush Administration is using Conservative Christians for political gain while giving nothing back in return. Interesting. I think I know a lot of duped people. Thanks to my good friend, Rich, who has been skeptical of and been exposing Bush's insincerity since the beginning. Thanks, Rich. All The Best, -- Don


I don't remember where I got this, but I like it. It was in the context of software development, but it applies to a lot of life: "Momentum builds on itself -- just start. Do whatever you can. Draw a user interface. Write a spec. Make something, anything, that people can see and touch and try. A prototype is worth ten thousand words. Once you start moving, you will find that people start to carry you along."

Shuffling Through Life

My father purchased a new car the other day, and they gave him a free iPod Shuffle. So he gave the Shuffle to me. Sweet. I can't wait to mountain bike with this ... as in This Saturday Morning! All The Best, -- Don

Music, Clothing ... What's Your Style?

If my sense of fashion was music, I would describe it as "jazz". What's your fashion music? -- Don

Squirrels Keep Eating The Bird Seed!

I'll get those $&^#@@@*(@ squirrels!!

Automobile Update

I've made one decision: I'm keeping my Saab and driving it during the winter. I also want to sell my Spyder. 2000 Spyder with only 12,000 miles on the rebuilt engine. Perfect condition. In the spring, or early next summer, or perhaps even later, I'll pick up a new vehicle. Then again, if the Saab keeps running well ... (it does run great). Right now, a 3-Series BMW is at the top of my list. A wagon would be nice, but a 330Xi, all-wheel drive sedan seems to be calling to me right now. Or perhaps a Subaru. If you haven't checked out the new Subarus ... wow ... the poor man's BMW. VERY nice. So, for now, it's BMW in the lead with Subaru a close second. I guess I need to toss the Lexus IS250 and Acura TL into the mix. Hmmmm ... so I'm back to where I started: UNSURE! All The Best, -- Don

August 25

Just FOUR MONTHS until Christmas!!!

Score One For The Good Guys!

This would be very tough, indeed. And one would hope it WOULD NOT end in death. But at least the good guys aren't the ones who died. All The Best, -- Don

Bosum Buddies and Lifelong Pals ??

This brings new meaning to the term "Bosum Buddies". It's what is known as "sibling rivalry" gone mad.

The Madness Continues

Car Search

Well, it's time for a new car. Where my wife drives her Buick Rendezvous (a car that I love, by the way), I tool around in my Spyder. Granted, the Spyder is a flat-out blast to drive, but I can't haul my kayak, surfboard, mountain bike or even my golf clubs. And my Saab is done. It's so crappy that I'm ready to junk it. My perfect vehicle: Can haul my stuff ... good gas mileage ... all the air bags (front, side, side curtain) ... cheap. Reliable, too (read Honda or Toyota). Four wheel drive is a plus but not necessary. Off-road capability is, again, nice but not required. It has to be nice enough so that I'll *want* to keep it for five years or so. The Rendezvous, for example ... fully loaded, I mean FULLY loaded, and it's a dream. Had it for over five years and it's still cherry and a wonderful ride. But for me? Honda Fit? Toyota Yaris sedan? PT Cruiser? Chevrolet HHR? Hyundai Accent? Kia Rio 5? Mazda 3 wagon? Subaru? Suzuki SX4? Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix? (…

Verbing a word!

Today, for the first time, I heard the word "decision" used as a verb!! ARGH!!! "... and then, after that, the person decisions it and it moves on ..." What?? This "verbing" madness has to stop! ARGH!!!!

'Net Neutrality

Internet Neutrality is a big issue. Tough to explain ... I suggest, instead, that you simply view this video.

All The Best,

-- Don

Friday Night Dinner

Returning to my wife's Alma Mater.

Great Quote

I just love this quote:

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.

-- Angela Monet


Can I be the first to call him 'Roid Landis?!!

Not that I think he's necessarily guilty ... I just wanted dibs on the nickname just in case.

Can't test for too much testosterone, per se. You have to check the testosterone/epitestosterone ratio. Anything higher than 6:1 is considered suspect.

But a higher ratio, while very rare, could occur naturally. Take 6-OXO, for example. A natural compound that raises the ratio.

Wait a minute! How do I know all this ??????

All The Best,

-- Don AKA "Pumpin' Iron"

July 25, 2006

Just five months until Christmas!!!


164 Days Until Christmas


If I ever, say, meet a SPAMMER in an elevator, I will do us ALL a favor and punch them until they bleed.


Is anyone else as tired as I am of incompetent people making bad decisions? I've finally realized that Karma is BS ... the Golden Rule is a joke. You don't get ahead by being honest and nice and genuinely caring ... no ... you get ahead by lying, backstabbing, cheating and being a prick. Now that I realize that, I have to decide: be nice and continue to fail, or step it up and be a success.

Wednesday Music

Listening to the album "Let It Bleed" by The World's Greatest Rock 'N Roll Band. "Gimme Shelter" is playing as I write this. Ahhhh ... great stuff!

All The Best, -- Don

Sunday, June 25

Six months until Christmas!

How Can You Say It?

Isn't is pretty much impossible to say "I'm speechless"?? Think about it...

All The Best, -- Don

Deep Thought

Best. Commercial. Ever.

Enjoy this TV commercial for Folgers.


All The Best,

-- Don


Gore Supported

A well-reasoned and scientific article in support of Al Gore's new movie" Me? Is say we err on the side of safety. After all, what can be wrong with cleaner air, less pollution, clean water, more exercise/walking, etc etc? Only a dolt would support a future of more fossil fuels. My opinion, anyway. All The Best, -- Don

Balancing Gore

See the following link for a well-reasoned, scientific argument against the hype of Al Gore's new movie: All The Best, -- Don

Crab Salad

Last Thursday evening I made some wonderful crab salad. Click on the link, below, to view my Flickr set of pictures.

Enjoy: Crab Salad

All The Best,

-- Don

Love Letter I Received

So, today, I received a love letter from Veteran's Affairs.

It is in regard to the data theft that occurred in May. You know ... the one they kept secret for 19 days!

Lovely ... I'm "eligible". Great.

And the worst part? The gist of the letter is "Sorry ... But you're on your own. Oh; here's who to call if you get your Identity stolen".

Bastards! Unlike other first-world nations, where the burden is on the financial institutions, we here in America have to fend for ourselves.

Fantastic! Another thing I can worry about. I'll have to monitor my credit report (at my expense, mind you) and every little piece of financial paper that comes across my desk.

For how long? WHO CAN SAY?

Thanks VA ... Thanks for standing up for us veterans. After all, all we did was pledge our very lives for this country.

Well, I'm sure the Bush Administration will help *COUGHBULLSHITCOUGH*

All The Best,

-- Don

High-Energy Music

"Big Cat" by Afro Celt Sound System. Incredibly driving music. Also, incredible driving music. Good for trail running, too. All The Best, -- Don

Tony Robbins

Any other Tony Robbins fans out there?

I just started Personal Power II and so far it's incredible! I'm already breaking through barriers that have limited my progress in the past.

Funny thing ... until very recently (as in This Past April) I literally didn't know how to set Life Goals or create a Vision for my life. I could manage projects at work and at home, but somehow missed out on managing my life.

Thankfully, I had an "Aha!" moment and got some good instruction. Now ... finally ... after all these years, I have a goal and -- even more -- a Vision.

Don 2.0 ... it's a Big Improvement over the earlier, Beta, version.

Stay tuned for 3.0 ... it promises to be very exciting!

All The Best,

-- Don

Visited By Royalty!

This Royal Walnut Moth, also known as a Regal Moth, visited my neighbor's tree today.

They're big and very cool.

Attention Shoppers!

Stocks are sliding! What does that mean? Panic? No ... it means Stocks Are On Sale! Prices have DROPPED! Buy now! (seriously) All The Best, -- Don


I really, really need to learn Ruby and Ruby On Rails.

Read The Internet's Most-Read Blog:

Viral Music

If you're blue and you don't know where to go to why don't you go where fashion sits, Puttin' on the RitzDifferent types who wear a day coat pants with stripes and cutaway coat perfect fits, Puttin' on the RitzDressed up like a million-dollar trooper,Tryin' hard to look like Gary Cooper(super duper)Come let's mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks or um-ber-ellas in their mitts, Puttin' on the Ritz

CPM in text?

Does anyone know of a text-based method of representing a Critical Path Method model? Thanks, -- Don

Today's Programming Music Selection

I'm listening to a collection of Italian Opera Arias. Awesome stuff by Vincenzo Bellini and Giuseppe Verdi. Caio, -- Don

The Perfect Computer Programming Environment

1. Good music -- Jazz, folk, or some of the milder hip-hop. Sprinkle in some Techno every once and a while. Plenty of Rolling Stones. 2. Office a window, preferably overlooking traffic. 3. Good cigar. Give me that, and I'll Code The World! All The Best, -- Don

A Very Pretty Song

"Viva Forever" by Spice Girls. Seriously. All The Best, -- Don

Best Music Ever

Right now, I'm listening to my all-time favorite song. Ever. "Silver Bells" by Perry Como. This song immediately snaps me back to a wonderful time in my life ... a youngster, no responsibilities, parents taking me Christmas shopping in downtown York ... presents under the tree ... Christmas was my mother's time; she decorated and had the Christmas spirit, without ever going overboard. You'd show up at her front door and instead of "Hello" when you walked in, you'd hear "Merry Christmas". What a wonderful woman. What a wonderful time of year. What a wonderful song for bringing all that back to me, time and time again. What songs do that for you? All The Best, -- Don


Great Song

"Bubble Toes" by Jack Johnson.


Just a quick update: The mulch has been spread and I've been enjoying the Spyder for several weeks.

All The Best,

-- Don


Some Of My Favorite Words











All The Best,

-- Don

Remember ...

... 47 percent of all statistics are fictional. -- Don

Please Read This

Home Office: What Color?

I have a room at home that will become my new home office. Currently, the walls are eggshell white. The carpet is light gray but can/will be changed -- most likely be replaced by laminate flooring of a color that will go with the walls. And that's my question: What color to paint the walls? Right now, Orange is the front-runner. Your suggest is wanted. Thanks, and All The Best, -- Don

I Miss ...

... being a teenager and going to Ocean City, Maryland. More Soon. -- Don

Remember ...

If you’re not part of the solution... ...then you’re part of the precipitate!


"In a seedy karaoke bar by the banks of the might Bosphorus, Is a Japanese man in a business suit, singing Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. And the muscular cyborg German dudes dance with sexy French Canadians, While the overweight Americans wear their patriotic jumpsuits."

Lifehack: Mulch

A "lifehack" is a technique or idea that helps or prevents you.

For example, putting your car keys in your leftover bag of lunch at work will prevent you from going home without your leftovers.

Stuff like that.

Today, I took delivery of eight cubic yards of premium mulch. So, in order to give me some incentive to get it distributed around the yard, I had the driver put it on the driveway so that I can't drive my Spyder!

Now I have an incentive!

All The Best,

-- Don


Staying at a KOA Kampground in Enfield, North Carolina, all week to work for customer.

Here's my place:


This week I'm in Enfield, North Carolina. I'm staying at a KOA Kampground, in a 12x12 cabin. Very Thoreau-ish.

But they have WiFi, and it's pretty good. Found out it's DirectWay, the satellite link. Works fine.

So I can now recommend it to my "out there" friends.

All The Best,

-- Don

Song Lyrics Of The Day

From John Anderson's #4 hit from 1981:

I'm just and old chunck of coal,
But I'm gonna be a diamond some day ...

Global Warming Heats Up

In case you missed it, click here to view before and after pictures of glaciers at Glacier National Park.


All The Best,

-- Don

Vegetarian Jambalaya

I cook on Wednesday and Thursday nights, as well as on weekends. I love it.

Last night (Wednesday) I made the most scrumptious vegetarian jambalaya. I tried to upload the pictures here, but had no success.

I uploaded the set to my Flickr account. Simply click here to view my vegetarian jambalaya pictures and read my account.


All The Best,

-- Don

Monday Afternoon Music


Thursday Lunchtime Music


Wednesday Afternoon Music

David Byrne is awesome.

Billboards Of Excellence

Now this is what I call Outdoor Advertising!

All The Best,

-- Don (who is booking a trip to Paris right now!)

Remember ...

Don't be nice to a fault. That's not being nice, that's being cowardice.

Standing up for yourself isn't being selfish; it's being fair. After all, if you treat others well, why not expect the same? Kind of like The Golden Rule.

Nothing is guaranteed except for death and taxes.

People do "get over it".

All The Best,

-- Don

Thursday Morning Music


Quick Food Tip

Santa Barbara Salsa is great stuff!

All The Best,

-- Don

Yahoo Mail

I've been using the Yahoo Mail AJAX-based beta for the past month or so. This morning, I switched back to the original version.

The beta was too slow.

All The Best,

-- Don

1977 ...

Face it ... I've always been cool.

And check out the sweet car!

Lunchtime Music


Chorus Of Faith
El Shaddai
Come To The Table
Known By The Scars
God's Own Fool
The Final Word
Celebrate The Child
To The Mystery
That's What Faith Must Be
Know You In The Now
Joy In The Journey
How Long?
So Many Books...
Heal Our Land

Friday morning, first-thing-in-the-office music


House Plans

Which one?

the More

the Delmonte Manor

Or this one, which I think is my favorite.

All The Best,

-- Don

P.S. I'll post more plans later.


Dubai is in the news lately.

Yeah ... I've been to Dubai.

Working At Home

I've started my new job. Until we get moved down to Rocky Mount, I'm working from my home in York.

Working at home, contrary to what you may think, is not "easy". I find myself taking fewer and shorter breaks, pushing myself to abstain from all appearance of slothfullness.

Given that ... Thursday afternoon music:

All The Best,

-- Don

One of the benefits ...

One of the benefits of our soon move to Rocky Mount, NC, is that we'll be able to listen to UNC's radio station. Of particular interest is Back Porch Music:

WUNC-FM's home-grown Back Porch Music is the longest continually running locally-produced program on the radio station. Each week, the program presents a wide range of acoustic-based folk music - from contemporary singer/songwriters to old-time musicians of the 20s and 30s, and from classic Celtic to blues - and beyond. Some of the artists you're likely to hear on WUNC's Back Porch Music include: Nickel Creek, Dar Williams, The Red Clay Ramblers, Doc Watson, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Maura O'Connell, DeDannan, Bob Dylan, Elizabeth Cotten, Pete Seeger, Cherish the Ladies, The Shady Grove Band, Jim Watson, June Tabor, Memphis Slim, John Gorka, Stan Rogers, The Carter Family, Tift Merritt, Cousin Emmy, Hank Williams (Sr.), Alison Krauss and Union Station, Jackson Browne, Etta Baker, Kate Rusby, Altan, Sonny Te…


More and more, as the Bush Administration leads the way, our government is stealing more and more of our God-given rights, to wit ... this.


Finally! This past Sunday we got a foot of the lovely white stuff. Simply gorgeous, 'specially since it started out as a wet snow and stuck to all the trees.Here's a test to see if you're old: If you don't like snow, you're old. Why? Simple: All kids like snow.Don't like snow? You're old.All The Best,* Don

Trust No One

The O'Jays sang "They're smilin' in your face, all the time, they want to take your place, they're backstabbers ..." One thing I've learned in 46+ years: Trust No One. I don't get depressed any more ... I get jaded and cynical. All The (cynical) Best, -- Don

Sharepoint vs. DotNetNuke

Great analysis at All The Best,* Don


The web's most appropriate page: * Don

Funny, funny video

Happiest Song Ever

"Singing In The Rain" as performed by Gene Kelly.By far the happiest, most "feel-good" song of all time. Combine that with his dance routine, and it's an over-the-top treat!All The Best,* Don

Friday Morning Music

Listening to the CD "Back To Bedlam" by James Blunt.Excellent stuff.Is it slow emo??All The Best,* Don

America? Free?

Ha ha ha ... don't make me laugh!

Your freedoms are slipping away, powered by the overzealous Bush Administration and other other do-gooders, and you sit there, smug, thinking you're safe.

Your time is coming. Mark my words.

-- Don

Show Tunes!

Tuesday morning, around 10, and I'm listening to show tunes! ... The Music Man.All The Best,* Don

How To Read A Blog

Just in case you don't know of it, surf over to and create an account. You can then subscribe to this and other interesting blogs, and be notified automagically when it's been updated.All The Best,* Don

Wednesday Morning Music

9:25 am ... listening to the album "A Bigger Bang" by The World's Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band, The Rolling Stones.All The Best,* Don