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Today's Musical Note

From "My Fair Lady":"The Rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain."All The Best,-- Don

"Fair Lady, Dost Thou Liketh Thy Cake?"

Patti made another one of her incredible wedding cakes. You see, the thing is, it's all from scratch and tastes wonderful. Enjoy ...

All The Best,

-- Don

Four Four Four

August 25 ... can you feel it? ...... only four months until Christmas!!!*LAUGH*All The Best,-- Don


This is too cool!

All The Best,

-- Don

Surf's Up!

... and surfers everywhere rejoice!

All The Best,

-- Don

Let's Cut Randy A Break

Randy Moss, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings and now an Oakland Raider, admitted in an interview that he smokes pot on occasion.

Okay, say it with me: "So what!"

Let's face it: Marijuana should be legal. There is absolutely no good argument against it being legal. If anything, it should be legalized and alcohol banned.

(Of course, being a Libertarian, I'm in favor of legalizing all drugs. You want to burn your brains out smoking Crack? Help yourself! It's your decision. Natural Selection rules, baby!)

Who hasn't experimented with marijuana?

(Let me answer that rhetorical question: me, Waldo, Chris Burnside, Matt Wise. We're the only four people on the planet ...)

The point is, the hypocrits in the media will have the panties in a wad over Moss's admission ... all the while discussion their upcoming article about Randy over a couple of martinis.

And who is the hypocrit?

Randy Moss is, in fact, a pretty much down-to-earth guy, if you'd spend the time to le…

Software Development

When it comes to developing software ...... I LOVE OOP!All The Best,-- Don

... And He Knows It!

Jason rules!

All The Best,

-- Don

It Takes A Village

My daughter has her degree (Business Admin from Millersville University).

My wife has her degree (Culinary Arts from YBI).

After four years of college, my son will have his Master's Degree (from PSU).

I don't have a degree.

I'm the Village Idiot!!! Woo-hoo!!

All The Best,

-- Don

$3,000 To Rent A Car?

Some corporations are, in fact, evil:

A buck a mile to rent a car?

All The Best,

-- Don