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Rocky Mount

Macy Gray

Wednesday Morning, 10:14 am music

Dandy Warhols

James Blunt on Saturday Night Live

Lost In The Woods?

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Baby Shower Cake

You Can't Play In The Big Leagues Unless You Can Handle A Curveball

In Hawaiian

Hail To The Chief

Wedding Anniversary number 27

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Congratulate Us!

Words Of Wisdom

Back To School?


Beauty Defined

Best Song Ever?

Columbus Day Kayaking Around Long Island

Two ... Two ... Two!!!!

Just A Start

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Electronic Paper

Technology Of The Future

My First Wikipedia Contribution!




Salt Bad for Baseball Fans

Post Up

One Of My Favorites

Call For Help

Today's libertarian reading

Music, Genomes and Pandora's Box

We Be Jammin'

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"Fair Lady, Dost Thou Liketh Thy Cake?"

Four Four Four


Surf's Up!

Let's Cut Randy A Break

Software Development

... And He Knows It!

It Takes A Village

$3,000 To Rent A Car?

Kayaking at Laurel Lake

How To Cope


Thirty Six Years Later ...

The Museum of Unworkable Devices

Don't Look Now ...

Sad Picture

Don't Use

Half-Year Update ...

How Big ??

Sunday Meal

Slump ... Rut ... Crisis ... or Just Monday ??

Go Deep, Not Cheap

Waste Of Time?

Link: How To Turn Your PC Into A Mac

Great Quote

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Everybody's Gone Surfin' ...

100 Things About Me


Water Temperature at Ocean City Maryland, May 31, 2005


Water Temperature for May 26, 2005

Yet Another Birthday Gift Idea

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Gift Ideas For Don's 46th Birthday on May 27, 2005

Ocean City Water Temperature

Great Web Site/Service

Credit Card Fraud Alert

Engine Update

Blown Engine



Don't Want To Jinx Myself

Dinner Last Friday Night

Yankee Class

Summer Is Coming

My Wife, My Teacher

Remote Desktop

Quick Statement About Pope John Paul II

My Ship Has Come In! - Updated

Airliner Graveyard Coordinates

My Next Wristwatch

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What I'd Like To See Happen

Slow Down!

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Score One For The Good Guys

Cole Porter

Monday Evening, March 14

Chalk One Up For Freedom

The Roller Coaster Of Life


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A Nice Saturday

My Awesome Dad

500 Miles Per Gallon Of Gas Is Possible

Way Cool Software

Gmail Personal Server: It's Back!

Just Five Weeks!

Shambaugh The Deadbeat

Married To A Chef!

Car Wash