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Europe's Immigration Crisis

The entire immigrant crisis in Europe is the result of MANY YEARS of Americans obsessed with owning THINGS and wild consumerism, needing more and more oil at the expense of any damn Middle Eastern company who dared to get in the way of Big Oil. We've bombed them and raped their land and pretty much did anything we wanted just so we can have bigger cars and bigger houses and shiny things. Meanwhile we have a domestic society based on violence: Movies, video games, sports, news reporting about "Shock And Awe" wars ... we eat up violence like it's a tasty morsel, puking out death and destruction when we've had too much, only to return to the table, demanding "More, Sir ... I want more!". We fight about abortion and border walls WHILE PEOPLE IN SERBIA CRAWL THROUGH FUCKING RAZOR WIRE to try to get freedom.

Disgusting. Fucking disgusting.