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The Regimented Month

I’m about to embark on a social/life experiment I’m calling “The Regimented Life”. My intention is to live the month of June, 2014, in a very regimented and scheduled manner.I’ve identified 22 activities that may occur on a given day. Granted, not all 22 will happen every day, but I hope to hit all of them at least once during the month.Here’s the list, in no particular order (except number one):Wake upShower, shaveDressBreakfastMeditateWork outWorkCook dinnerLunchHome maintenanceWritePlay guitarWork on my web siteReadStudy/LearnGet groceriesRelaxOrganize an areaYard work/Cut grassSocial media/Encourage othersPlan my day, week, monthReview my goals; Refine, retire and renew themThis promises to be both exciting and challenging. Will I make it through a day? A week? The whole month? Will I feel imprisoned, or will I have a rush of productivity that sets me free?The challenge will be intensified by the fact that I’ll be traveling some of the time. What will that bring? Can I adjust to t…