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The Final Chapter

Tomorrow, I fly to San Antonio to begin the Final Chapter (work-wise) of my life: I start Monday at Rackspace as a .NET Developer Advocate for Open Stack.

This isn't a job; this is the culmination of years of work, decades of dreaming and a lifetime of preparation. To write computer code, to write documentation, and to speak in front of crowds about the work I've (we've) done is almost the perfect job for me.

(The perfect job would be to teach surfing to supermodels at a topless beach, but I digress...)

I'm not going into this as my next job; I'm looking at it as the summit of my career. I fully intend to carry on this vocation until I retire or die -- either one at a very old age if I have anything to do with it.

Working with Open Stack means I'll be pushing the bleeding edge, surfing the frontal edge of technology. I'll be surrounded by brilliant, mostly young, people -- two things that I enjoy. Like anyone, being intellectually challenged is fantastic. B…