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Goals for the Week

Goals for the week of December 8, 2013

Two visits to the gym Christmas tree up and decorated Christmas shopping is finished Written plan for my work projects is created Blog about the future is started with one post Outline for goal-setting book is done

If I Could Go Back To Age 20...

On Facebook, a high school classmate recently asked,
If you could turn back the clocks to when we were 20, what would you do differently?? I guess I pretty much suck as these kinds of questions, because I have a Zen belief in "Your Path" including ups and downs ... that there's no such thing as "having arrived" and no one is exempt from regrets and mistakes.

But focusing on those mistakes only robs us of the happiness we can otherwise enjoy.

Nonetheless, if I could go back to age 20 and have a do-over, I'd...

Slow downCriticize less and smile moreSpend more time sitting on the sofa with my children, watching funny TV showsHug my wife more oftenIgnore pop cultureWork hard but always leave on timeAsk my parents to tell me all about their grandparentsDiscover my love of cooking earlierStart surfing at age 20 (I waited until I was 40 to start)Get into bodybuilding earlier (didn't do that until late 30's)Love the unlovelyGet out of the independent, fundame…

The Final Chapter

Tomorrow, I fly to San Antonio to begin the Final Chapter (work-wise) of my life: I start Monday at Rackspace as a .NET Developer Advocate for Open Stack.

This isn't a job; this is the culmination of years of work, decades of dreaming and a lifetime of preparation. To write computer code, to write documentation, and to speak in front of crowds about the work I've (we've) done is almost the perfect job for me.

(The perfect job would be to teach surfing to supermodels at a topless beach, but I digress...)

I'm not going into this as my next job; I'm looking at it as the summit of my career. I fully intend to carry on this vocation until I retire or die -- either one at a very old age if I have anything to do with it.

Working with Open Stack means I'll be pushing the bleeding edge, surfing the frontal edge of technology. I'll be surrounded by brilliant, mostly young, people -- two things that I enjoy. Like anyone, being intellectually challenged is fantastic. B…

Acquire and Shut Down

Snapjoy is the latest.
I wonder what Dropbox is going to do with the technology.

Documentation Tip

When writing documentation, DESCRIBE before you SHOW.


Diggin' some Huey Lewis & The News right now!


Bit my lip.
HATE when I do that. Not only hurts, but I keep rubbing it with my tongue -- as if it's going to magically disappear.
Oh the hazards of being a software developer.


You cannot know both the speed and location of a given object at the same time.
Get over it.

Glad To Have Done This

I did most of the development of this:

Help Me Get This Open Source Idea Moving

Last October, two friends and I traveled to New Jersey to assist in the recovery efforts following Superstorm Sandy. Unfortunately, other than delivering some clothing and food, we spent our time riding around in a truck, trying to find out who wanted our help ... where we were needed ... what we could do.

It occurred to me that this area -- coordinating volunteer efforts following a disaster -- was ripe for improvement. Given that technology is a terrific tool for mobilizing groups of people, my mind delivered the following:

A combination mobile application and web site (and Google Glass app!) that allows the overseeing authority [OA] (Red Cross? FEMA? Armed Forces?) to direct and instruct volunteers, and also gather data.

How it works:

Disaster strikes. Hurricane, tornado, earthquake, terrorist attack, etc.

(Just writing that is heartbreaking)

So you're a volunteer. You head to the area. Perhaps alone, perhaps a Team of volunteers that will act as a unit.

On your way, you use yo…

Friday, week almost over ...

... and I'm digging Pink Floyd's album, "Dark Side Of The Moon".
Never gets old. In fact, it was on the charts for 741 consecutive weeks!


I'm at the point where I wear contacts AND reading glasses.
I need stronger contact lenses.

Techie Love

jQuery ... I love you.
Needed to sort a table. Didn't want to make a round trip to the database and make the stored procedure, or even some server-side code, do the work.
jQuery Tablesorter ... dozen lines of code ... done.


I *REALLY* like Boz Scaggs.

Web Services

No matter how many times I create web services, whether SOAP (ugh) or REST ... I never get over the amazement. They are SO COOL.
What I love is the hiding of complexity and technology. The consumer knows only a URI and gets back some JSON. No need to know whether the provider is Windows, Linux, OS/400 ... Commodore 64 ... whatever.
The consumer also doesn't know that your Windows server is picking up the request, querying a DB2 database on a mainframe in Toledo and a MySQL database running on a Linux box in Marlboro, then retrieving some NoSQL data from a CouchDB instance running in Paris.
So cool. I love that.
"Here's a URI. That's all you need."

Odd Day

Odd feeling today.
The sales of my deceased parents' condo settles today. It will no longer be in the family. The memories will be in my mind, no longer to be refreshed by visits to the home.
Weird. Sad. The circle of life rolls on.

Last Stop

My next job will be my last until I retire. I've decided that.

My Son

Ian arrived Thursday afternoon and left Sunday evening.
I'm fighting off some depression today; it's to be expected. I always get "down" when he leaves. I only have so many moments with him in my life, and I cherish each of them.
When he's around, he brightens my world with his enthusiasm, his bright future and his wit. He always challenges me intellectually, yet shows the proper respect that I'm not even sure I've earned. I could have done much better as a dad, yet somehow grace blessed me with a wonderful son nonetheless.
Much better than I deserve, to be sure.
Don't take your time with your parents or children for granted. It'll end much too soon ... much sooner than you think.

My Son

My son is visiting for the next few days.
I can barely wait to leave work and get home. I'm always glad when he visits and sad when he leaves.

About Use Case Documents

They describe something the Actor does.
They're NOT a functional decomposition.
They don't need to be extremely detailed.
There's ONE Happy Path.


Mind. Blown.

This is the future of development and the IDE as we know it.


Got the offer in writing today. It's good.
Fortune 500 company that is on the rise. Good salary, good benefits, good perks, good people to work with ... all around a good deal.


"Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day..."


Just told "We can't use REST, have to use SOAP".


A guy at work today said "what the hell", then said "Oh; Sorry about my language".
I almost died laughing. He has no idea...

Great Weekend

Had a great weekend. 
Friday night was a bit ... over the top. Rich and Sue visited for the weekend and we all really drank too much Friday night. Oops.
Saturday, Rich and I worked on the patio. Raymond came over and helped a bit, too. I leveled sand and put down the pavers. Rich cut pavers to fit into small spaces. Raymond helped move pavers. 
The patio is almost finished. Another two hours of laying pavers and probably an hour to spread the polymeric sand and it's done.
Made gumbo Saturday evening for dinner. Terrific.
Used the leftover T-bone from Friday night's dinner to make huevos rancheros on Sunday morning for breakfast. Best meal of the weekend ... 10 out of 10.
Spent Sunday resting.
Great weekend.

SQL Skillz!

My mad SQL SKILLZ won me a free lunch today.
Don't MESS with me when it comes to tuples, baby!

Corvette: The Final Answer

Not now.
After my income takes off later this year and I'm pulling down seven figures, I'll just buy a 2014 Stingray and be done with it.
(How's *that* for "confidence"?)

I Love DivShot

I just discovered DivShot the other day.
I LOVE it. This is getting me through a sticking point for all my website ideas: That of NOT being a designer. With DivShot, I can create nice-looking sites on my own.
Well done.

WGet or cURL?

Anyone have a winning argument one way or the other?


"Crunched the numbers" regarding keeping the 2006 Elantra Limited or selling it to get the 1989 Corvette.
When you factor in depreciation -- which is a real thing, you can't ignore it -- the Corvette is $2,400 *cheaper* over a five-year period.
Granted, I may need that for repairs. So let's call it even.
I'm driving a Corvette instead of an Elantra.
Yes, I factored in MPG, high-octane versus regular gasoline, even that fact that new tires for the Corvette will cost more.

On a monthly cash flow basis, based on gasoline use, the Corvette will cost me about $30 a month more.
I can see where I'm heading with this...

Ixnay on the Ettevay

One of the great things about being married is to have another person to validate your thoughts, feelings, ideas...

When I got home today, Patti raised some REALLY GOOD questions about buying a strong-running-but-still-24-years-old Corvette.

I have to agree with her assessment that "perhaps the timing isn't right".

It's all good.

1989 Corvette

Just realized, if (when) I get that Corvette, I can then ride around listening to Huey Lewis And The News or Foreigner ... any kind of old-school stuff.
(I'll probably listen to the Rat Pack all the time like I did in my Spyder)

This Is What I'm Considering...



I'm running into the "We've always done it that way" a lot at a large, corporate client.
I can't let it bother me. They're not rejecting me or my ideas; They're rejecting progress in general.


At work:
1. See the client's current situation. 2. Suggest Best Practice to improve situation. 3. Be informed that the system is too old to implement new solution. 4. Commence frustration...

Planning To Reduce Anxiety

Got home from work last evening and slipped into a terribly grouchy mood. I was "out of sorts". Things conspired against me, including:

1. I was getting the lawn spreader out of the shed, I was wearing flip flops, and saw a mouse. No problem, but I didn't really want a mouse running on my almost-bare feet. Gave me the heebie-jeebies.

2. Had to walk on my unfinished patio in order to get the automatic skimmer going in the pool.

3. Had to see the weeds that need pulled.

4. Had to see the patio sans fence.

5. Applied the lawn fertilizer in my flip flops (so dumb), resulting in grit in between my feet and flip flops. Uncomfortable.

6. When removing the automatic skimmer, I held the hose so that the water ran outside of the pool, it splashed in the sand (because my patio's not finished!) and splashed sand all over my feet and legs.

At this point, I was grumpy.

I mostly felt overwhelmed. Between the patio, fencing to be installed, and weeding and mulching to be done -- it's TO…

What People Are Doing With The Smartphones


I felt overwhelmed yesterday when I got home from work.
I have three things I MUST get done NOW!:
1. Finish laying patio pavers - a good Saturday will do that. 2. Install a fence; A good weekend for that. 3. Weed and mulch the yard; A good weekend for that.
That will pretty much take up April -- which is fine. Then I'm all set for May and summer.
Funny; when you plan things, the feeling of being overwhelmed goes away.
Note to self: PLAN your future.

250 MPH??

A lady at work said her former husband had a "custom-built" 1986 Mustang that "he got up to 250 miles per hour".
Yeah, SURE he did.
That'd take about 1,400 horsepower.


I had the occasion to drive through Shamokin, PA, recently.
What a dank, dark, depressing place. Ugh.

Paleo Eating

I started eating "Paleo" at the beginning of 2013.
Since I've done that, my chronic heartburn has stopped.


I'm putting a fence around my above-ground pool.
The challenge is this: The material cost is about $700, but shipping is $300. That's insane! ... Shipping will be 30 percent of the total cost.
Gotta be a better solution.

Microsoft SQL Server SSIS

Been using SSIS today.
I haven't used this since the old DTS days.
This is nice. This is fun. This is powerful.
Well done, Microsoft.

Amazon, You're Too Easy

Amazon's One-Click is just too easy.
Add to that the ability to preview and instantly purchase *and play* music ... oh boy.

Application Development Come 2015

Read this today:
"By 2015, 80% of all application development will be for mobile devices."

Wow. Time to switch while others get left behind.


It's the time of year when I feel overwhelmed. My immediate (April) tasks include:
1. Finish laying pavers for the patio. 2. Put a fence around the patio. 3. Open the pool. 4. Spread topsoil. 5. Weed. 6. Spread mulch. 7. Fertilize the lawn. 8. Set up patio furniture and lawn ornaments.

On top of that, I have one, big, "one-off" project of finish:
Cut and stack firewood.
I'll be thankful for good weather.
Actually, looking at this list now that I've written it down ... I'm excited.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

Why, when I *know* I should do something that will benefit myself, do I procrastinate -- or worse, simply don't do it?
It's some sort of mental block.
I need to find a way to kick myself to being the person I want to be, know I can be, and used to be.
Perhaps working out will do it.
I need _something_ to shake me up.


There are two platforms for building apps:
1. Web apps 2. Mobile apps
Desktop apps are, for the most part, dead.
As Wi-Fi becomes more widespread, many mobile app needs will be filled by responsive web apps.
Just a note to myself.