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I'm a Two-Percenter

My I.Q. is in the top two percent. It can be a curse.
The problem with being very intelligent is that you see mistakes and ignorance all around, and it bothers you. Ignorance truly must be bliss.

The worst combination is ignorance plus arrogance ... which defines Religious Fundamentalists.

I resent being calledl "elite" because I'm well-educated. It's not a coincidence that the well-educated are the more open-minded.

If this post bothers you, you need to examine your own beliefs, intelligence and education. There's no shame in being less intelligent; The problem lies in the pride of not deferring to those with more knowledge.

I realize this post may come across as smug, arrogant or conceited. I also know that many of my friends will agree with me, if only silently. That's fine, I'll say that which is understood yet not spoken.