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Goals for 2012

Read at least 12 booksIncrease my net worth by $50,000Earn at least $150,000Launch; 100 percent functionalityLaunch; 100 percent functionalityLaunch health care web site; 100 percent functionalityBuild LiftClickit prototype with Go/No-Go resultsReplace backyard deck by the end of SeptemberMake and bottle 500 bottles of wineExercise on at least 150 daysReduce red meat consumption to 300 ounces (six ounces a week) with a stretch goal of 200 ounces (four ounces a week)Take four weeks (28 days) of vacationReduce bodyfat to ten percent or lessHave 100 percent of my CDs available as computer music files, i.e. they will be on my home server

How To Find Good Cereal

Simply go here.
Thanks for watching out for me, boring Do-Gooder.