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This December 26 will mark five years since my mother passed away.

Everyone -- without exception -- that met my mother loved her. Likewise, she loved/enjoyed/appreciated everyone she met. It's because of her influence that I'm NOT a racist, NOT class-conscious, NOT hateful.

Mom loved Christmas. I mean, she LOVED it. It was a "big deal". Christmas Eve at mom's was wonderful. And it was always an "open door" affair. I cannot begin to list the people that she'd invite, or would just show up, at her place on Christmas Eve. If she thought you'd be there, she bought you a gift. Without exception. The woman was the most Christ-like person I've ever met, while NEVER coming across as pious or self-righteous.

Since she has passed, my own Christmas' have been ... terrific! The other day, my dear wife (of 32 years TODAY!) asked why I'm not sad at Christmas.

"Are you kidding? As much as mom loved Christmas, how can I NOT love Christmas?! I get e…