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Christmas Gift Wanted

The CD Sympathique by Pink Martini.

Derek Trucks' Wife

Susan Tedeschi is awesome.

She has a new album out; I want.

Oldie But Goodie

Remember this from high school? Great song.


This just feeds the stereotypes.


No. Wait. THIS is the BEST. SONG. EVAH!!

This guy, James Rebel O'Leary, was from my hometown of York, PA. I remember him riding around town in his red Dodge van, with a rebel flag painted on it. "Country Music Legend" was painted on it. You'd see him and his family around town all the time.

Sadly, he passed away in -- I believe -- 2006. He was eccentric, to be sure, but I had occasion to see him in his dealings and he was a kind, compassionate man.

Best Song In The History Of The Universe!!!111!

At the 2:52 mark, the woman in blue does her best Austin Powers dance move!

Alan Watts Points North In Just Over Two Minutes

Wow. Just ... wow. He nails it.


Sarcasm of the Day

I'm sooooo glad I purchased some Ford stock last month at $2.41 a share ... yeah ... SOOOO glad.


Maybe the funniest thing I have ever watched!

I am in tears!!!

Those Crazy Germans!

I don't think they care too much for our outgoing President.