Diet and Exercise

Met with the nutritionist yesterday to get my diet dialed in.

I admit I'm shocked; it's 51 percent carbs, 29 percent protein and 20 percent fat. I thought it'd be more protein.

My daily caloric intake is about 2,200 calories, spread across three meals and three snacks (I just finished some cottage cheese and corn chips for a snack).

The challenge, now, is to search the thousands (literally!) of recipes I have at home and find those that fit into my nutritional guidelines. Yes, I did get a menu -- complete with a shopping list -- but the menus are ... well ... let's say they're geared toward a bodybuilder and not a Foodie. I can find and/or adapt existing recipes that will meet my needs while still appealing to the gourmet in me. Actually, this sounds like fun to me.

My exercise plan, right now, is four days of cardio and three days of weight lifting.

The cardio is managed by a computerized system that includes a wristwatch (Polar -- Warning: website has sound) that monitors my workouts to make sure I stay in the correct zone while biking.

Four cardio workouts: Normal, Short, Normal, Long ... in that order. The Normal workouts are 45 minutes in the middle zone. Short is 25 in the middle zone and 10 at high intensity. Long is 50 minutes in the low zone and 15 in the middle.

The Normal ride takes me about an hour, since it takes a while to get my heart rate up to the 119-135 zone. I guess I'm in decent shape!

The data on the watch is downloaded to a computer system every three weeks, which creates a feedback loop to tweak my diet. Pretty cool, eh?

My lifting is controlled by a web engine -- ActivTrax -- which is pretty slick. I print out a workout, do the lifting, and enter my workout. It will progressively get more difficult (i.e. heavier) as I go along.

That's for two lifting sessions a week. The third session, I'm at the mercy of my personal trainer, Jon ... who I call "SATAN!". His goal is to push me past my own mental limits. I hate him for those 30 minutes.

Heavy weights (for me) ... intense ... brief. Very effective for me.

I should start "looking the part" by year's end. At that point, and no sooner (!!!!), I'll post some "Before" and "In Progress" pictures. Too embarrassing right now.

All The Best,

-- Don


Miles said…
and beer is where in the plan????!
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