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August 25

Four months until Christmas!


Yesterday, at the gym, I got my evaluation. Some strength testing, stress test, VO2 max, bodyfat.

We forgot to test my (non-existant) flexibility. I'll do that Monday.

In short, I'm in decent shape for my age (49).

I've "built up" before, so I have the muscle memory, the knowledge, the diet habits, etc etc.

I am going to do this. Next June and July there are two local contests. We're setting our sights on them.

I've never been so focused on a goal before in my life. I'm already visualizing myself on stage, five percent bodyfat, going through my poses.

What's you goal?

All The Best,

-- Don

Times Are Tough

So ... here's my way of helping!

All The Best,

-- Don

Surviving the New Depression: Tip #34 from Steve Delahoyde on Vimeo.

Got 30 Minutes?

This is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. Funny, to boot!

Bodybuilding Goal Update

Today, I joined a gym, got a personal trainer and a bodybuilding coach. The coach is a 47-year old former Mr. Pennsylvania. He and I are both psyched.

I'm gonna do this. I will be on stage in 2009, after my 50th birthday.

Oh, and just for fun ... I'm going to make a video of me doing 50 one-armed pushups on my 50th birthday and post it on YouTube.

All The Best,

-- Don

Fantastic Amazing Guitar Work

This guy is talented <-- understatement of the year.

Taking a big breath...

... and ... okay, they say to reach a goal you should make it public.

My goal is to compete in a bodybuilding contest by end of 2009. My next goal is to win a trophy in a contest. Knowing my physique, I'd say I have a good chance at Best Legs.

So, I'm making it public.

This should be interesting.

All The Best,

-- Don

Paris Puts Smackdown On McCain

No, not the city ... the celebrity!

Way too funny!

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

All The Best,

-- Don