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New York City Rules!!

Bike Messengers race through downtown...

Quick Rant

Nothing more frustrating than working with/for incompetent people!


Note To Self


Fox News reported about this as if it were real.

Dear God ... folks, if you can't see that this is a hoax or "performance art", then you're ... well ... you're crazy.

There is no tunnel beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Sheesh.

Madam, I'm Adam



How can you not love Huey Lewis And The News??

Rory Gallagher was great.

The Rolling Stones are the best ever and my favorite.

Ry Cooder is the best individual artist and writer. Great stuff.

If you've never seen Don Giovanni, you don't know what you're missing.

Dean Martin had perhaps the smoothest voice ever. Mel Torme -- the "Velvet Fog" -- is maybe better.

My son says The Beatles are lousy. "They're the first Boy Band!".