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"Play Ball!"

The 2008 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates open their season today!

Last year I predicted good things for the Pirates. They didn't deliver.

However, they did very well after the All-Star break.

They are now positioned to be the biggest surprise in sports this year. I expect the Pirates to win it all, in grand fashion.

So here's hoping your team at least doesn't get too embarrassed by the Pirates!

All The Best,

-- Don

Easter Outfit

After church on Easter Sunday, I donned this outfit to work in the yard.

Yeah ... my neighbors think I'm crazy. Do I look as if I care???

All The Best,

-- Don

P.S. It's a KILT!

That Wonderful Sound

There is not a more beautiful sound on this planet than the sound of my wife laughing.

Wounded Warrior Project

Help a wounded soldier ... get a chance to win a customized Jeep.

Inspiration At Work

One of my customers is a pharmaceutical giant. I put this on my monitor to remind me of my impact:

All The Best,

-- Don

Quick Note About Obama's Speech

Today, we witnessed an historic speech that was delivered by a man who is, in my opinion, ready to lead this country.

I was moved, literally to tears, as Barack Obama courageously addressed an issue that is carefully ignored, or spoken of in hushed tones and cautious language.

He has earned my vote. I could not be more excited about his ascension to the Presidency.

All The Best,

-- Don

The Journey Continues, Uphill Both Ways!

I'm currently studying two "Ways": The Purpose Driven Life and the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching.

It's amazing to me how the two seem to dovetail together so well. I could go on about that, but I'll not right now.

The Purpose Driven Life (grammar check: shouldn't that be Purpose-Driven Life?) is more of a set of instructions or requirements: The Bible says this or that, your duty is such-and-such. Not in a bad or brow-beating way.

The Tao Te Ching is more of a contemplative look: Think about this, contemplate that, etc etc.

Between the two, personal and spiritual growth is almost guaranteed.

It's not easy; it's as though I'm walking uphill both ways. The rewards, however, are worth it.

All The Best,

-- Don

Industrial Disease

The song "Industrial Disease" by Dire Straits is One Of The Best Ever.


I am still basking in the wonderfulness that is Dr. Dyer's "The Power Of Intention". It's moving, life-changing and deeply thought-provoking.

Recently, I web surfed over to Amazon to read some reviews of Dr. Dyer's audiobook -- after the fact, if you will.

One reviewer pointed out that the book is not for the whole world, but rather only applicable to, say, we Americans who have it so good. How can a person born into slavery, for example, possibly be blamed for having the wrong intentions?

(Okay, not the best example on my part, but humor me.)

It got me to thinking -- I do that sometimes.

Let's say this Law Of Attraction, Power Of Intention, etc. etc. "stuff" does only "work" for already-set people. Face it; Americans have it pretty good, even the poorest (by world standards). It's easy for us to buy into Positive Thinking, Affirmations, and all that New Age stuff, because we generally have unlimited opportunity in this great country.

But wh…

For Jason and Sarah

"First the book, then the DVD..."

2008 Well Underway

2008 is starting out quite well. Well ... I had the flu and still have a lingering cough ... but other than that, it's lookin' pretty good.

Visited Chicago in January, met Jason Fried and had dinner with him and Sarah Hatter. Jason and I have been in contact for about nine years, but only through the internet. We had never met. So that was nice. And Sarah is a lovely woman whom you can't help but love.

Spent six days in Vegas in early February (came home with the flu) and did well. Worked at the SHOT Show, had some Maker's Mark, some cigars, and came back almost $3,000 ahead. Cha-ching!

We -- Patti and I -- have been working out six days a week since early January. I've dropped over an inch off my waist and am getting stronger. She's looking great (as usual). We lift weights three days and ride the bike the other three. Sunday is our "Free Day" when we can have an adult beverage and potato chips. :)

Our diet has been excellent. We plan our meals for the w…

Found It

Found my thumb drive. It was in the pocket of my wool coat.