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Count 'em: Five!

Five months until Christmas!

And I'm listening to Christmas music on Pandora today.

My Dad

My dad rules.

One of his patents.

Don 1, Depression 0

By revisiting my Locus of control, I've overcome my latest round with Depression. I kicked it's ass, actually! All The Best, -- Don

One Gorgeous Swede

No, not Tiger Woods' wife ... but this Volvo C30:

This Guy I Know

I know this guy. He graduated from high school in my wife's class. So he's about 48 years old. His I.Q. is probably under 100. He's not stupid, but he's not going to be working on the genome project any time soon. Catch my drift? Since high school, his career consisted of running a machine for Dentsply. He makes $19 per hour. That's it. Hardly well-to-do. So ... he's retiring at the end of August. RETIRING! Age 48! How? He's been getting ESOP contributions since day one at Dentsply, and he's cashing in his stock, investing in something safe (I suggest Tax-Free Munies), and retiring. Two million dollars. TWO MILLION DOLLARS! DAMN! Way to go!
It TRULY is what you SPEND, not what you MAKE. All The Best, -- Don

The Battle Is On

I'm battling depression right now. Been for about two months. I think the root cause is that I feel totally overwhelmed with responsibility. At work, all three of my customers want me there most of if not all the time. It's a "good problem", as they say, but it puts a lot of stress on me, what with trying to juggle my schedule and keep them all happy. I just finished an extremely important, high-profile project for one customer. Important as in "we can't remain in business without this" and high-profile as in a certain government agency needs to approve my work in order for my customer to stay in business. At home, I have the deck refinishing project. My perfectionist wife, God bless her thorough and "do-it-right" heart, insists that we sand the deck before the new coat of opaque stain. Sand it by hand. No electric; BY HAND. (Note: Never, NEVER, use opaque stain. It means you have peeling after two years and a constant battle to keep the deck lo…