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Automobile Update

I've made one decision: I'm keeping my Saab and driving it during the winter. I also want to sell my Spyder. 2000 Spyder with only 12,000 miles on the rebuilt engine. Perfect condition. In the spring, or early next summer, or perhaps even later, I'll pick up a new vehicle. Then again, if the Saab keeps running well ... (it does run great). Right now, a 3-Series BMW is at the top of my list. A wagon would be nice, but a 330Xi, all-wheel drive sedan seems to be calling to me right now. Or perhaps a Subaru. If you haven't checked out the new Subarus ... wow ... the poor man's BMW. VERY nice. So, for now, it's BMW in the lead with Subaru a close second. I guess I need to toss the Lexus IS250 and Acura TL into the mix. Hmmmm ... so I'm back to where I started: UNSURE! All The Best, -- Don

August 25

Just FOUR MONTHS until Christmas!!!

Score One For The Good Guys!

This would be very tough, indeed. And one would hope it WOULD NOT end in death. But at least the good guys aren't the ones who died. All The Best, -- Don

Bosum Buddies and Lifelong Pals ??

This brings new meaning to the term "Bosum Buddies". It's what is known as "sibling rivalry" gone mad.

The Madness Continues

Car Search

Well, it's time for a new car. Where my wife drives her Buick Rendezvous (a car that I love, by the way), I tool around in my Spyder. Granted, the Spyder is a flat-out blast to drive, but I can't haul my kayak, surfboard, mountain bike or even my golf clubs. And my Saab is done. It's so crappy that I'm ready to junk it. My perfect vehicle: Can haul my stuff ... good gas mileage ... all the air bags (front, side, side curtain) ... cheap. Reliable, too (read Honda or Toyota). Four wheel drive is a plus but not necessary. Off-road capability is, again, nice but not required. It has to be nice enough so that I'll *want* to keep it for five years or so. The Rendezvous, for example ... fully loaded, I mean FULLY loaded, and it's a dream. Had it for over five years and it's still cherry and a wonderful ride. But for me? Honda Fit? Toyota Yaris sedan? PT Cruiser? Chevrolet HHR? Hyundai Accent? Kia Rio 5? Mazda 3 wagon? Subaru? Suzuki SX4? Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix? (…

Verbing a word!

Today, for the first time, I heard the word "decision" used as a verb!! ARGH!!! "... and then, after that, the person decisions it and it moves on ..." What?? This "verbing" madness has to stop! ARGH!!!!

'Net Neutrality

Internet Neutrality is a big issue. Tough to explain ... I suggest, instead, that you simply view this video.

All The Best,

-- Don

Friday Night Dinner

Returning to my wife's Alma Mater.

Great Quote

I just love this quote:

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.

-- Angela Monet