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Can I be the first to call him 'Roid Landis?!!

Not that I think he's necessarily guilty ... I just wanted dibs on the nickname just in case.

Can't test for too much testosterone, per se. You have to check the testosterone/epitestosterone ratio. Anything higher than 6:1 is considered suspect.

But a higher ratio, while very rare, could occur naturally. Take 6-OXO, for example. A natural compound that raises the ratio.

Wait a minute! How do I know all this ??????

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-- Don AKA "Pumpin' Iron"

July 25, 2006

Just five months until Christmas!!!


164 Days Until Christmas


If I ever, say, meet a SPAMMER in an elevator, I will do us ALL a favor and punch them until they bleed.


Is anyone else as tired as I am of incompetent people making bad decisions? I've finally realized that Karma is BS ... the Golden Rule is a joke. You don't get ahead by being honest and nice and genuinely caring ... no ... you get ahead by lying, backstabbing, cheating and being a prick. Now that I realize that, I have to decide: be nice and continue to fail, or step it up and be a success.