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More and more, as the Bush Administration leads the way, our government is stealing more and more of our God-given rights, to wit ... this.


Finally! This past Sunday we got a foot of the lovely white stuff. Simply gorgeous, 'specially since it started out as a wet snow and stuck to all the trees.Here's a test to see if you're old: If you don't like snow, you're old. Why? Simple: All kids like snow.Don't like snow? You're old.All The Best,* Don

Trust No One

The O'Jays sang "They're smilin' in your face, all the time, they want to take your place, they're backstabbers ..." One thing I've learned in 46+ years: Trust No One. I don't get depressed any more ... I get jaded and cynical. All The (cynical) Best, -- Don

Sharepoint vs. DotNetNuke

Great analysis at All The Best,* Don


The web's most appropriate page: * Don