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Funny, funny video

Happiest Song Ever

"Singing In The Rain" as performed by Gene Kelly.By far the happiest, most "feel-good" song of all time. Combine that with his dance routine, and it's an over-the-top treat!All The Best,* Don

Friday Morning Music

Listening to the CD "Back To Bedlam" by James Blunt.Excellent stuff.Is it slow emo??All The Best,* Don

America? Free?

Ha ha ha ... don't make me laugh!

Your freedoms are slipping away, powered by the overzealous Bush Administration and other other do-gooders, and you sit there, smug, thinking you're safe.

Your time is coming. Mark my words.

-- Don

Show Tunes!

Tuesday morning, around 10, and I'm listening to show tunes! ... The Music Man.All The Best,* Don

How To Read A Blog

Just in case you don't know of it, surf over to and create an account. You can then subscribe to this and other interesting blogs, and be notified automagically when it's been updated.All The Best,* Don

Wednesday Morning Music

9:25 am ... listening to the album "A Bigger Bang" by The World's Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band, The Rolling Stones.All The Best,* Don