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You Can't Play In The Big Leagues Unless You Can Handle A Curveball

Apparently, our current administration in Washington cannot.

Important story.

In Hawaiian

Te mo'o nei au

Hail To The Chief

Our son was elected as President of his fraternity!Way to go, Ian!! We're so proud.* Mom and Dad

Wedding Anniversary number 27

This past weekend (just after Nov. 10, our 27th anniversary), Patti and I visited the Finger Lakes region of New York for a three day romantic getaway.


We drove up on Friday, stopping in Williamsport at the incredible Bullfrog Brewery for a wonderful lunch.

Then, we drove past our hotel (in Painted Post, NY) and directly to Ravines Winery to pick up some bottles of their Most Excellent Meritage (rhymes with "heritage") wine. Picked up some other wines, too.

Left there and headed to our hotel to check in, then to downtown Corning, NY (a really nice, quaint little town) for dinner.

The best part? I stopped in a cigar shop while walking to the restaurant and picked up a Fuente Opus X cigar ($20 and worth every penny)! Woo-hoo!!

Nice dinner, then back to the hotel to crash. We were beat.

Next morning ... Saturday ... after breakfast, we headed up to the Keuka Lake Wine Trail. We were electric with excitement (and basking in "afterglow", ifyouknowwhatImean wink wink)…

Today's History Lesson

Check this out

The Treaty Of Tripoli

Wow ... things sure have changed.

Oh ... and notice the part about America being a Christian nation. Good stuff for today's debates about our society.

All The Best,

-- Don


From Wikipedia:when referring to liquor, a handle is a half gallon or
1.8927059 liters or 63.09019667 shots. The name comes from
the handle that is often found on bottles of this size

Congratulate Us!

Today, November 10, 2005: Patti and I celebrate 27 years of marriage!CHEERS!All The Best,* Don

Words Of Wisdom

Check out this story in Wired:Eat, Sleep, Work, Consume, Die,1282,68742,00.html?tw=rss.TOPSadly, that's about 99 percent of my life right now. *sigh* Oh well ... beats starving!All The Best,* Don

Back To School?

I'm this close to going back to school to, eventually, get my MBA. In fact, I may sign on in the next few days.

Any advice or comments?

All The Best,

-- Don