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How Big ??

How big is this picture?

Two feet!

All The Best,

-- Don

Sunday Meal

I might not be as talented as the lovely Patricia Hannigan, but I can sometimes toss together an appetizing meal.

Take this past Sunday, for example. My newly-vegetarian son was home from college, and he and I and the little lady were a-hungerin' for some vittles ... so I entered the kitchen, honed my knife and started to toss together some veggie wraps.

Of oourse, it was a balmy 90-plus degrees outside, so I had the fan running in the kitchen.

And, the whole-house fan was cranking as well ...

(Forgive the mess on the right-hand side of the picture ... a little remodeling work is going on in our house. Okay ... a lot of remodeling work is going on in our house ...)

And, you absolutely must listen to Comic Opera while preparing a meal ...

But the end result was worth the wait:

All The Best,

-- Don

Slump ... Rut ... Crisis ... or Just Monday ??

You know the feeling. You get to work and you ask yourself "Why am I doing this? Why do I work so hard, so many hours? Why don't I live a simpler life? ...". So what is it? You in a slump, something you'll ride out for a few days until you feel better? Or is it a rut, which only gets worse. Something you need to climb out of by making a change (or two)(or three). Or perhaps this is a real crisis.  You know, you need to make huge, wholesale changes. New career, new place to live, the whole kit and kaboodle. Or ... *sigh* ... is it just "Monday"?? All The Best, -- Don

Go Deep, Not Cheap

You don't always get what you pay for. Example: A Toyota is a much higher quality car than a Mercedes. Yeah yeah ... argue all you want about luxury and status ... but truth is, Toyota is better. (Remarkably, near the bottom you find Volkswagen and Audi. So much for "German Engineering"...) My point? We recently purchased some what-we-thought-was-good ceiling paint from The Home Depot (pet peeve: it's _The_ Home Depot, not "Home Depot". ARGH!). The kind of ceiling paint that goes on purple and dries white. Painted the ceiling in our being-remodeled bedroom. The result? Crap. We had to add another coat. This time we went to "Covers The World" Sherman-Williams and paid for good paint. Now? Perfect. Lesson learned. Save money when buying bottled water (tip: DON'T!) and spend the savings in good paint. Don't be afraid to go deep into the wallet now and then to get quality. All The Best, -- Don

Waste Of Time?

I think not! That is ... my surfing the web ... reading blogs about technology ... checking out web site designs ... learning about "Life Hacks" ... these things do not constitute a "waste of time". On the contrary, these are the things that contribute to my broad wealth of information and insight and make me the valuable asset (I said "asset" ... "" ... okay?) that I am. So when you shoulder surf me and catch me at Gadgetopia, don't accuse me of wasting time (by the way ... and you have enough time to shoulder surf? Hmmmm ...) ... realize that I'm expanding my knowledge ... knowledge that will benefit *you*. All The Best, -- Don

Link: How To Turn Your PC Into A Mac

Great Quote


Great quote from Al Swearengen
Pain or damage don’t end the world. Or despair or fucking beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man and give some back.

All The Best,

-- Don

Coming Soon ...

... a blog for the Central York High School Class of 1977.

Stay tuned and spread the buzz.

All The Best,

-- Don

Everybody's Gone Surfin' ...

Friday, June 10 at Indian River Inlet. In a word: COLD!

Arrived at Indian River Inlet at 1:30; I had scoped out the low tide on the internet and it was 1:41. Perfect timing.

We arrived and it was downright chilly outside. Sure, it was 80 degrees ... but the offshore wind made it feel like 65. So cold that my dear wife decided she'd sit in the car and read while I froze my tush off.

Went up and checked out the beach patrol's sign. WHAT? Low tide is 5 pm??


Oh ... and in big letters: "Water Temp: 57 COLD!"

Great. Oh, and did I mention it was very windy? No waves.

So we motored down to Bethany Beach and walked their wannabe boardwalk to kill some time. Saw some nice sights (guys ... you followin' me on this one?? I'm talkin' NICE sights *nudge*).

Anyhoo ... we had a nice walk, some ice cream, and then headed back to IRI so I could freeze while Patti read.

Got there just before five o'clock. As we came over the bridge, I spotted some primo waves -- small, t…

100 Things About Me

Since the world revolves around me ...

(You know ... in fact, to each of us, the world does revolve around us. After all, who wants to live someone else's life??)

1. I love attention. But you knew that.
2. I have a big ... Ego. :-)
3. I don't mind the cold, but I hate when it's windy. Even in the summer. Ever try to ride a bike in the wind? Argh!
4. I love my children more than anything in this world. You just cannot imagine.
5. I love our dog, but I'd get rid of her in a heartbeat if it was up to me. I hate owning pets.
6. I have a great dislike for aquariums. Keeping fish is like collecting used coffee filters. B-o-r-i-n-g.
7. When I eat ice cream, I mash it up until it's soft. Then, I coat the back of my spoon and lick it off. Sounds disgusting to watch, but it's a slice of heaven to me.
8. When I eat Jello brand gelatin, I put some on my spoon and then suck it in through pursed lips. Again, disgusting. Don't know where I picked that up.
9. I'd rather surf tha…


Parkour is incredible.