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The Big 6-0

I'll be 60 years old this coming May. Where did the years go? Just ten years ago I was 16 and tooling around town in a BMW and enjoying all the lack of responsibility that accompanies high school.

Now I'm old.

Turning 40 and 50 didn't bother me at all, but this one -- 60 -- is really hitting me hard.

But not in a depressing or negative way. No; it's bringing a flood of mental clarity about my remaining years (I'd say 25 if I'm fortunate) and my current life choices. It's much easier for me to prioritize and see the future.

I'm fortunate to be in fantastic health, and I'm determined to remain in great shape. I hit the gym and lift weights five times a week and am, quite frankly, pretty strong. I like and appreciate that.

I guess what I'm realizing is the wisdom that comes with old age. It's pretty cool. It has a calming effect. The sky's not falling, neither The Left nor The Right have The Answers to everything, and I'd rather sit aro…