Easter for the non-believer

I think Frank Schaeffer's book pretty much describes who and where I am, spiritually:


With Easter 2018 here, I feel it's important to consider non-Christians, and why (and what) they might consider for this important day.

Believe. Believe in renewal. Believe in the idea that you can always start over, start fresh, start to build a new life free of the failings of your past.

Forgive. Forgive others to avoid bitterness. Forgive yourself for your past transgressions, mistakes, and lapses in judgement. Forgive your future self -- because you know you'll mess up yet again.

Embrace. Embrace, if not the faith, the very idea of some kind of perfection, existing somewhere, that calls you to be a better person. A kind of unobtainable perfection that is still worth striving for.

Even more than January 1, Easter is the time to expect a better future. It represents rebirth, forgiveness, life. Contemplate a better you. Give thanks for forgiveness and second (and 58th, 59th, ...) chances.

Today is a day for all to be born again.


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