Where's The Renewal?

Typically, January 1 brings a new hope of renewal and growth for the coming year. I don't make resolutions, but I do set goals. Every year, I set lofty goals, believing I'll achieve them and perhaps knowing I won't reach all of them. Still, there's a sense of opportunity and excitement that accompanies the din of midnight, December 31.

This year, however, I feel nothing. I don't feel especially motivated, I don't feel optimistic, I have no aspirations of growth and achievement.

I don't feel depressed or defeated. I just feel ... nothing. A numbness toward the future, as though nothing really matters.

I hate this, and have many reasons why I should be excited. However, none of them are translating into any kind of emotions.

I guess I'll coast along on auto-pilot, doing what I know is right, until some sort of inspiration overcomes me.

So, "Happy New Year" and "Meh".


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