Goals for 2015

I don't make "resolutions", per se, but I do set goals for the year.

Theme for 2015: Fix What’s Broken
  1. Steps around pool: some are loose
  2. Buick: Repair or replace
  3. Stove: Burner doesn't always work
  4. Water Heater: Doesn't consistently work
  5. Master Bathroom: Repaint
  6. Our mattress: Replace
  7. Crawl space: Add second sump pump
  8. Front door screen: Replace
  9. Front windows on the house: Replace
  10. Whole-house fan: Replace
  11. Ceiling in laundry room: Paint
  12. Bathroom fan in downstairs bathroom: Needs finish sanding around it

Goals for 2015

  1. Build the studio by the end of January
  2. Have my office organized by the end of January
  3. Finish writing my book by the end of February
  4. Repaint downstairs bathroom by the end of February
  5. Buy a new mattress by the end of May.
  6. Finish patio, including fence, by the end of May
  7. Replace the water heater by the end of June.
  8. Fix crawl space sump pumps by the end of June.
  9. Scan all dad’s slide by the end of August
  10. Fix or replace the Buick by the end of August
  11. Have 100 percent of my CDs available as computer music files, i.e. they will be in the cloud, by the end of September.
  12. Remodel Master Bathroom by the end of November.
  13. Read at least 12 books during 2015
  14. Increase my net worth by *redacted* during 2015
  15. Earn at least *redacted*
  16. Make and bottle 180 bottles of wine
  17. Exercise on at least 156 days
  18. Take four weeks (28 days) of vacation
  19. Reduce bodyfat to ten percent or less


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