Regimented Life: Day 3

Started off great. Everything on schedule all day, like clockwork.

"Hey, this is pretty good. I can do this."

My evening schedule was to make dinner, then do some personal finance stuff and work on the book I'm writing and work on a web site I'm creating.

But life happened. Rather, my dear bride and I decided to have an adult beverage while I was cooking.

Before dinner.

On an empty stomach.

Which became three hours of us talking and eating dinner and sitting on the patio and talking some more and scheming our back yard plans and ...

So the day was terrific from a personal perspective, but as "The Regimented Life" goes, it was a major failure. A minus one.

Score is now 1/3 == 33 percent.

Takeaway -- what did I learn?

Alcohol can derail everything. Don't drink and derive.


erik said…
I'd struggle with giving a negative score to those three hours. Are you trying to prove you can be a monk?
Don Schenck said…
Erik, I know what you're saying. From a _personal_ perspective, those three hours are golden.

But from the pure "regimented life" perspective, I got off the rails.

I'm just experimenting; nothing more, nothing less. Maybe what I get from it is that living life as it comes is worth far more than "being productive" and getting "things" done.
I also think this is unnecessarily harsh. If you're looking to improve your daily process, you need an accurate assessment, not a subjective devaluation based on the natural "noise" of daily life.

Also, collecting stats daily is useful for creating weekly summaries, but acting on such short scales may be detrimental. You'll want to follow this process at least a few weeks in a row and look at weekly assessments to work out any noise in the data.

Because, as you observed, "life happens." It's going to. Expect it. And adjust your schedules accordingly.

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