If I Could Go Back To Age 20...

On Facebook, a high school classmate recently asked,
If you could turn back the clocks to when we were 20, what would you do differently??
I guess I pretty much suck as these kinds of questions, because I have a Zen belief in "Your Path" including ups and downs ... that there's no such thing as "having arrived" and no one is exempt from regrets and mistakes.

But focusing on those mistakes only robs us of the happiness we can otherwise enjoy.

Nonetheless, if I could go back to age 20 and have a do-over, I'd...

  • Slow down
  • Criticize less and smile more
  • Spend more time sitting on the sofa with my children, watching funny TV shows
  • Hug my wife more often
  • Ignore pop culture
  • Work hard but always leave on time
  • Ask my parents to tell me all about their grandparents
  • Discover my love of cooking earlier
  • Start surfing at age 20 (I waited until I was 40 to start)
  • Get into bodybuilding earlier (didn't do that until late 30's)
  • Love the unlovely
  • Get out of the independent, fundamental Christian cult
  • Go to a Lutheran Church instead of batshit crazy IFB church
  • Listen more
  • Tell any company that thought they "owned" me to go fuck themselves.
  • In warm weather, more windows down, less air conditioning

I guess, in short, be a better person.

(Here's the cool thing; I can still do these things!)

All The Best,

-- Don


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