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Diggin' some Huey Lewis & The News right now!


Bit my lip.
HATE when I do that. Not only hurts, but I keep rubbing it with my tongue -- as if it's going to magically disappear.
Oh the hazards of being a software developer.


You cannot know both the speed and location of a given object at the same time.
Get over it.

Glad To Have Done This

I did most of the development of this:

Help Me Get This Open Source Idea Moving

Last October, two friends and I traveled to New Jersey to assist in the recovery efforts following Superstorm Sandy. Unfortunately, other than delivering some clothing and food, we spent our time riding around in a truck, trying to find out who wanted our help ... where we were needed ... what we could do.

It occurred to me that this area -- coordinating volunteer efforts following a disaster -- was ripe for improvement. Given that technology is a terrific tool for mobilizing groups of people, my mind delivered the following:

A combination mobile application and web site (and Google Glass app!) that allows the overseeing authority [OA] (Red Cross? FEMA? Armed Forces?) to direct and instruct volunteers, and also gather data.

How it works:

Disaster strikes. Hurricane, tornado, earthquake, terrorist attack, etc.

(Just writing that is heartbreaking)

So you're a volunteer. You head to the area. Perhaps alone, perhaps a Team of volunteers that will act as a unit.

On your way, you use yo…

Friday, week almost over ...

... and I'm digging Pink Floyd's album, "Dark Side Of The Moon".
Never gets old. In fact, it was on the charts for 741 consecutive weeks!


I'm at the point where I wear contacts AND reading glasses.
I need stronger contact lenses.

Techie Love

jQuery ... I love you.
Needed to sort a table. Didn't want to make a round trip to the database and make the stored procedure, or even some server-side code, do the work.
jQuery Tablesorter ... dozen lines of code ... done.