Thursday, April 11, 2013


"Crunched the numbers" regarding keeping the 2006 Elantra Limited or selling it to get the 1989 Corvette.

When you factor in depreciation -- which is a real thing, you can't ignore it -- the Corvette is $2,400 *cheaper* over a five-year period.

Granted, I may need that for repairs. So let's call it even.

I'm driving a Corvette instead of an Elantra.

Yes, I factored in MPG, high-octane versus regular gasoline, even that fact that new tires for the Corvette will cost more.

On a monthly cash flow basis, based on gasoline use, the Corvette will cost me about $30 a month more.

I can see where I'm heading with this...


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Forgot insurance. Thanks!