Things I Love

In no particular order:
Food. Specifically, cooking.
Music. I'm way more into music than you are. WAY more. You. Have. No. Idea.
H.O. scale slot cars. Yeah.
Good scotch, good bourbon, good wine.
People. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a dream. Take an interest and you, yourself, will grow tremendously.
Surfing. Not the Internet, I mean actual paddle-and-catch-a-wave-in-the-ocean surfing. Once you catch your first wave, you are hooked. For life.
Driving a sports car. Don't even have to go fast, but accelerating, braking and corner are a blast.
Watching dirt track sprint cars.
Lifting weights. I especially like doing squats, mostly because I've always had strong legs.
Creating software. Yeah, I love doing that. It's the "working for other people" stuff I can't stand. I REALLY need to get off my assets and get up and running. Then, on to
Anything -- movies, mostly -- related to time travel.
When my wife hugs me.
When my children are around me. They bring out the best in me, they always encourage me. They believe in me, even though they know I'm mostly flawed. That's cool. Thank G-d for I often listen to it while driving; a poor man's XM radio.
Solar energy stuff. Don't listen to the naysayers, it's real, it works, and I'm doing it. I'll post pictures of my solar water heater when I remember.
Sitting around a fire with a really good cigar, an adult beverage, and friends. I don't think there's much better in life.
The fact that I know how to throw a knuckle ball. Thank you, Mark Wolfgang, for teaching me that. It's just the coolest pitch ever.
Baseball on a summer evening. Baseball in October, too.
Finally; I remodeled our master bath a few years ago, and I have two lights. One is a slower-starting florescent light over the sinks. The other is a light over the shower. When I enter the bathroom, I'll turn on the florescent light first, then hit the switch for the incandescent light about a half second later. I hit the one switch first, but the second light comes on first. Kind of like backwards time. I love that.
All The Best,
-- Don


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