July 4th ... Freedom!

So today is the day I celebrate my freedom. Awesome. I'm so thankful.

Hmmm ... think I'll build a pavilion in my back yard and invite some ... oh ... wait ... that's illegal without a permit.

Okay, well, we'll just get some fireworks and ... what's that? Oh yeah ... they're illegal.

I'll just jump in my car, put the windows down, and blast patriotic music around town ... just make sure it's not too loud ... you know, local ordinance and all that.

I know! I'll just head down the local bar -- make sure you fasten your seatbelt, don't want to get a ticket! -- and watch some sports on TV and enjoy a cigar. Dammit ... that's right, smoking in a bar is illegal.

I'll just grab a beer and walk up the street to talk to my neighbors about our hard-won freedoms. Well, on second thought, carrying an open beer is illegal, so ...

I think I'll sit in front of the TV and watch PBS specials all day about the Revolutionary War and how men purchased our freedoms with their lives.


All The Best,

-- Don


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