George Rekers

George Rekers has made quite a splash in the news lately. If you're not familiar with the so-called scandal, quickly:

This guy is huge in the "you can become NOT gay through therapy/religion" movement.

So, he was photographed returning from a 10-day trip to Europe with a male escort. The escort can be hired through a website that rents gay escorts.

The buzz, especially from the political left, is that this Rekers bashes gays and wants to limit their rights and yet it turns out he, himself, is gay.

Rekers has defended his actions by saying he hired the guy to help him with his luggage while traveling, and that he (Rekers) used the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the escort.

The liberal media has jumped all over Rekers' apparent hypocrisy.

Disclaimer: Politically, I'm mostly liberal (with exceptions, mostly the 2nd Amendment, because -- like it or not -- it's the Constitution).

Anyhow, here's the thing: Rekers MAY be telling the truth, and I think it's unfair to ASSUME the scandal. Here's what may very well have happened:

Through is network of contacts, Rekers learned of a very contentious "gay guy" who could help him. Rekers then asked the guy to help him, knowing that he'd have 10 days to show true Christian love and explain the gospel.

And so he did.

After they returned, a photograph was taken at the airport where Rekers was tending to the luggage, "proving" that Rekers didn't need help because of surgery. In fact, when the photograph was taken, Rekers was not carrying anything and he very well could have been looking for documents (passport?) in his carryon luggage.

Later, the "scandal" breaks. The escort, now learning who Rekers is, sees the opportunity to "slam" this gay-basher and tells the press of a gay trist in Europe.

We don't know the fact, and never will. Do we really want to assume that Rekers is a hypocrit? Is that the kind of society we want to be? Do we want to assume the worst?

Given a lack of evidence, I suggest this story be ignored and just go away. With the Gulf of Mexico being destroyed by a huge oil spill and our government's efforts to reign in an unchecked Wall Street, don't we have bigger fish to fry?

All The Best,

-- Don


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