Christian Crusades, Part Duex

So, Donald Rumsfeld played Bush like the simpleton Xian that he is and -- in fact -- used the Iraq war as a Crusade ... or what one, in another religion, might call a Jihad!

Great ... just great.


erik said…
As I understand it (and this is based on little more than a couple of pieces heard on NPR) "jihad" is more akin to "struggle" than to "crusade". The term is a fundamental principle of Islam - that believers face a daily struggle to live a righteous life. Millions of peaceful Muslims believe they live a jihad.

Radical Islamic terrorists subverted the term, which was likely to alienate those who live a peaceful life. Unfortunately, Bush then repeating a message that we have to fight the "jihadists" sent a very unhelpful message about our understanding of Islam.

I don't believe in hell, but I'm wrong, I hope there's a special spot reserved for Mr. Rumsfeld. His role in Katrina alone is beyond shameful.

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