Our Favorite Musical Genre Has A Name!!

Last Fall, during the run-up to Christmas ... ARGH ... who invented the stupid phrase "the run-up to..." ... some political hack or news media talking head.

Last Fall, during the four weeks prior to Christmas, my dear wife and I followed her OH SO BRILLIANT idea of stripping the wallpaper in the kitchen and repainting the walls. Oh yeah, and let's paint the cabinets, too. Heck, why not just build a frickin' addition, add a hot tub, how about a putting green ...

I digress. Sorry.

ANYHOO ... where was I? Oh yeah ... the kitchen. I like to cook. It's fun, creative ... WAIT! STOP, DON! THAT's not what this post is about.

(stinkin' A.D.D. ...)

Okay okay ... we were fixing up the kitchen. We listened to Pandora while working, and "seeded" our station with Feist. Turns out, we love that type of music.

So while driving to work today, I learned -- from the good folks at WXPN (xpn.org) that the music we like is called "Neo Folk".

So now, I can wow the hipsters by having a label for the music I like. I told the young lady at Food Lion that she looks like Feist and she had no idea what I was talking about. What is it with young people who aren't in touch with pop culture. HELLO??!!! I'M ALMOST 50 YEARS OLD and I know about Feist and "nuking the 'fridge" and all that schtuff.

I really need a vacation. Couples Swept Away, here we come again!!!

My stock portfolio is up 72 percent since the beginning of the year. Am I lucky, or good. And does it matter.

I'm rambling.

All The Best,

-- Don


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