"Christians" and racism

I posted this on my Facebook page:

I find it odd, and very sad, that SO-CALLED "Christians" will make racial jokes and emphasize racial stereotypes. This is especially common now that Barack Obama has been elected as our next President.

There's really no excuse for this. This display of very UN-Christlike behavior is not only damaging, but must call into question their very confessions of being followers of Jesus Christ.

There is no room -- none -- for this type of easily-avoided behavior. This is not a man being tempted by a dark maiden. This is not a glutton being tempted by a delicious meal. This is a person purposely seeking the most base nature.

What's almost as bad, perhaps on the same level, is that other "Christians" refuse to raise their voices in protest. Quiet acceptance is acceptance nonetheless.

I will not keep quiet. I hear you, and say loudly with a calm confidence that is given to His followers when they know they are right: "Stop. That is not Christian".


Sam said…
What exactly are you talking about?
Ian said…
Then you have "Christians" who practice umm...ermm..."christianism"? They look down on the "sinners" around them. Pharisees.

Jesus traveled around with a pretty wild bunch. People tend to forget that.

And one last thing...there's a reasonable chance that Jesus was BLACK. :)
-- Don said…
Sam -- I've heard and seen comments, most of them by "fundamentalist" Christians, where they make fun of Barack Obama ... or worse. For example, I was recently shown a video, a parody, of "Obama's Air Force One", which was simply a sideways racist comment in the guise of a joke.
-- Don said…
Ian -- Truth.

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