Life has ups and downs, to be sure. No matter how good things are, they can go south in a hurry.

Likewise, bad times can become good times by a simple turn -- usually an infusion of large amounts of cash :) -- and you're on top again.

It's easy to enjoy the good times ... well, duh.

But "enjoying" the bad times is a Zen-like discipline. It requires you to view your life as a whole, as a journey, and with a yet-untold future story.

Don't get discouraged; better times may come. Or, you may be forced to look on today's "bad" times as, in fact, the best of times.

In any event, keep your chin up, smile, and hope for the best. A positive attitude, an expectation of the best and an intention to do well has a way of bringing things your way.

All The Best,

-- Don


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