Bodybuilding Update

Going fantastic so far!

I'm riding the bike four mornings a week: Two 45-minute rides in the middle zone (heart rate between 118-139); one 65 minute ride (mostly low zone); and one intense 35-minute ride.

The extra weight is starting to come off already. My face is tighter, my pants are looser (is that even a word?), I feel great.

The lifting's going well. I'm slowly working back up to some reasonable level of strength. Did squats at 225 on Monday, felt pretty good. Back and arms are noticeably improved already.

Diet is very clean and on schedule. Been eating three meals, three snacks, and avoiding the bad stuff. I'm even allowed a small glass of red wine with dinner -- which is good for the health.

I am keeping focused on my goal.

Negatives: rotator cuff is acting up, tennis elbow in the left arm. Seeing the doc soon 'bout that stuff. But I'll adapt and overcome.

I need to get out of bed earlier. 6:30 is way too late; I'm shooting for 5:00 a.m. as a target.

All The Best,

-- Don


Sean Nalewanyj said…
I know that some people feel that if you use any supplements at all you aren’t being all natural, but I disagree. If you’re just using basic supplements like whey, creatine, and glutamine, I don’t see this is a problem. I respect the guys who build their bodies naturally, it seems like more of an accomplishment
Thanks for the review

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