Yesterday, at the gym, I got my evaluation. Some strength testing, stress test, VO2 max, bodyfat.

We forgot to test my (non-existant) flexibility. I'll do that Monday.

In short, I'm in decent shape for my age (49).

I've "built up" before, so I have the muscle memory, the knowledge, the diet habits, etc etc.

I am going to do this. Next June and July there are two local contests. We're setting our sights on them.

I've never been so focused on a goal before in my life. I'm already visualizing myself on stage, five percent bodyfat, going through my poses.

What's you goal?

All The Best,

-- Don


Ian said…
My goal:

To have a respectable investment portfolio built by the time you compete. (do I need to tell exact $$$? I do have a number in mind).

Also, to achieve practitioner level 3 in Krav Maga by the time you compete.

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