Thoughts, Actions, Habits...

It's obvious, once you really think about it, that everything originates from Thought. That iPod you listen to? It was an idea at some moment.

Thoughts are what precede Action. Actions lead to Habits ... which form our Destiny. Nothing new here.

But it occurs to me that we do things -- Actions -- based on a hoped-for outcome. I get up and go to work with the expectation -- the hope -- that I will be paid for what I do. That money is used, then, in exchange for things such as a home, cars, hobbies, savings (another Action with a hoped-for result), etc etc. You know the drill.

We also need to make sure we have Actions with long-term results. For example, when I exercise in the morning, it's not for that day, but rather for a future day ("days", to be more accurate). I'm "banking" my fitness so that I may draw on it later.

Day-to-day actions are easy. They can, however, lead to being in a rut ... they can get boring, mundane. It's difficult to stay motivated and excited about day-to-day actions.

That is why long-term goals -- and their associated Actions -- are so important. That is what fuels us for success in life, however we choose to define success.

What long-term goals do you have? What Actions are you taking towards those goals?

All The Best,

-- Don


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