Mmmm ... food.

I love food. Mexican is my favorite. No ... wait ... make that Indian. Or Thai. Italian, French, Mediterranean ... German's good!

Truth is, who can decide?

The problem is not food, per se. The problem is the tendency to eat too much. And not even too much as in "I just finished a whole package of Oreos!" (Just occurred to me: I haven't enjoyed an Oreo in years!).

No ... too much as in portion size. You see, it's easy to have, say, the 14-ounce sirloin at Outback instead of ordering the 9-ounce filet and eating only half of it.

It's way too easy to grab just one more big scoop of Turkey Hill ice cream, another handful of Martin's Barbeque Waffles, or pour another bourbon.

(Damn ... I'm getting really hungry just writing about this...)

I have found that when I eat more slowly, I'm more able to control my portions. Yeah ... I know ... no brainer.

But the biggest help to me is eating six meals a day. Noooo ... not six Thanksgiving dinner-size repasts ... but six small meals. And I use the word "meal" loosely ... since, today's 10:30 A.M. "meal" consisted of a quarter cup of cottage cheese, two tablespoons of salsa and a dozen corn chips.

Also; I plan my meals every night. Before I go to bed, I know what I'm eating the next day. I also keep a food diary, so yes ... I can tell you what I ate, and when, on, say January 17th ... March 2 ... February 9.

Sunday is my Free Day, when I don't need to plan and can enjoy what I want. I often have the aforementioned bourbon or three ... but I am finding that I don't go as hog wild as you would think. The healthy eating habits are starting to become ... well ... a habit.

All The Best,

-- Don


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