Focus Focus Focus

Happy or Sad. Up or Down. Excited or Depressed.

What makes one pick one over the other? How is it that we can be depressed on a Monday and "Up" on a Tuesday (ignoring the fact that Monday is ... well ... a "Monday")??

Recently, I got to thinking about a difficulty in my life and spent a day under the cloud of Depression. It was No Fun. I moped about, feeling not "sorry for myself", but rather angry and disappointed at myself for making poor decisions.




Glory! The next day I remembered that my poor decisions were BEHIND me (Hmmm ... "Get thee BEHIND me, Satan"??) and today was a chance to make better decisions.

But something else happened, too. I change my focus.

Instead of thinking about ... okay, OBSESSING about ... my problems, I focused on what I'm doing RIGHT. And what a difference!

My simply changing my focus, by concentrating on the Good, by encouraging myself for what I am doing right, I was able to remove the cloud and replace it with a ray of hope ... of light ... and incredible lightness. Peace flooded my soul as I gave thanks for what I have, what I am, and what lies ahead.

You can choose. You CAN choose. Decide, today, to focus on what's good ... what you are doing well and right ... and commit to improving. DO WHAT YOU CAN and let the rest go; after all, do you really have any other choice???

All The Best,

-- Don


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