2008 Well Underway

2008 is starting out quite well. Well ... I had the flu and still have a lingering cough ... but other than that, it's lookin' pretty good.

Visited Chicago in January, met Jason Fried and had dinner with him and Sarah Hatter. Jason and I have been in contact for about nine years, but only through the internet. We had never met. So that was nice. And Sarah is a lovely woman whom you can't help but love.

Spent six days in Vegas in early February (came home with the flu) and did well. Worked at the SHOT Show, had some Maker's Mark, some cigars, and came back almost $3,000 ahead. Cha-ching!

We -- Patti and I -- have been working out six days a week since early January. I've dropped over an inch off my waist and am getting stronger. She's looking great (as usual). We lift weights three days and ride the bike the other three. Sunday is our "Free Day" when we can have an adult beverage and potato chips. :)

Our diet has been excellent. We plan our meals for the week on Sunday, and plan our days -- including meals -- every night.

Sunday evenings we set our Five Goals For The Week and hold each other accountable. That's working quite well.

I just finished listening to the audiobook The Power Of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Very inspiring and encouraging.

Now, I'm revisiting several other self-improvement audiobooks that I have, all with the intention of becoming the person I know I can be ... the person I was before "LIFE" knocked me off balance.

I've also been throwing away a lot of stuff. I'm making a very real effort to de-clutter my life and simplify. By "very real" I mean I'm throwing stuff away. No more "But I might need this if ..." ... if it's not relevant, it's gone.

So far, so good. I'm liking this.

So ... uh ... how're YOU doing?

All The Best,

-- Don


mindscapeweb said…
Great post! I think you've inspired me to sit down and put together a similar plan. I typically do this a couple times a year and it goes great until I get derailed. I will commit to NOT DERAIL this time. :)

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